05 6 / 2013

*Living The Single Life* turned 1 today!

*Living The Single Life* turned 1 today!

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22 2 / 2013

20 2 / 2013

My cousin and I were chatting the other day about changing phone numbers.  She is possibly going to change hers because she is falling head over heels for her guy.  She said that she wants to because that would end all communication with other guys that aren’t looking for progression with her. In addition, that would let her guy know that it is all about him and she is serious about their relationship.  She suggested that I should change mine too, if a relationship would take off for me.
So, I started thinking; Hum, would I change my phone number because I am in a ‘serious’ relationship with someone?  After considerable thought, I can honestly say without hesitation, I would NOT change my phone number.  Reason being, I have had this number for several years and I want to keep my number.  Family members, business partners and friends all have my number.  It would take too much time and energy to make sure the important people have my new number.

19 2 / 2013

It’s been several months since EP started swimming in that uncharted river so; he is scheduled to fly back for a visit soon.  What will be different about this trip is, he will meet my family.   Yes, I am almost ready to say I have a boyfriend (manfriend) but; that family approval is needed first!  
Being that I have been married, and through other break ups, my family isn’t accepting of men, anymore.  Sometimes I understand their position on this, because my last boyfriend was really involved with my family.  Therefore, I wasn’t the only person that had broken feelings because that relationship didn’t work.  After, that break up, they were like, “don’t bring anyone else around us!”  But here I am again; about to do what they asked me not to do; chuckle! 

05 2 / 2013

I had an epiphany lately!  I am acknowledging that parents really do know best!  When you are young and green you believe that you know it all and “parents just don’t understand”.  We don’t realize that our parents have been through something similar or worse! 
Well, now that I am the parent.  I am beginning to see my children repeating some of the dumb mistakes I made when I ran around believing that I knew it all!  You know what I am talking about; the talking back (well, try to), the thinking that someone else’s parents are better or cooler than yours, when they go to sleep we can get up and be up all night; I ask to use the car to go one place but end up somewhere else.  This list can go on and on, but you get the point.

05 2 / 2013

It has been a year since I started transferring my thoughts from paper to this blog. This blog has been my outlet!  A piece of me that I wanted to share and a place that has helped me understand that I too, am a mess!   I have shared my dates, adventures, and my journeys within my single life. 
Let’s recap:
  • I have pondered over recycling my ex and getting that phone call from an ex asking to rekindle the old flame.
  • I went on several dates. One alone, perfect dates and some that made me want to quit searching for Mr. Jeigh altogether!  However, they made me realize what I am willing to accept and not tolerate!

05 2 / 2013

Well, I am back at challenging myself to lose those unwanted pounds, again.  Why not add this to my year of self-challenges, right?  This time, I am going for twenty pounds.  I want to make the mission more interesting and a greater one. 
My previous challenge of Mission 15, I got those unwanted fifteen pounds off!  However, during the holidays, I managed to gain those back and some more!  Come on, don’t give me that look, you wouldn’t pass up potato pies, pecan candy, red velvet cake, cupcakes or any Christmas candy in eye sight, would you?  With summer and vacations coming up, now is time to get my butt back into shape.

22 1 / 2013

EP and I have finally spent some real time together, since meeting.  We had an awesome time!  He flew into the city early, so we had time to go to one of my favorite hangout spots in the city.  I took him to Port of Call on Esplanade.  He was able to partake in the hamburger with the loaded baked potato.  He loved the atmosphere and said that he could come back to a place like this. 

After eating and having a few drinks at Port of Call, we ventured over to the Superdome for the Hornets vs. Raptures game.  It was really interesting that we decided to go to this game because he is a Hawks fan and of course I am a Lakers fan!  But really the cost of the tickets was hard to pass up on.  The game ended with a Hornets lost in overtime, but this game was truly exciting.

04 1 / 2013

Year after year since my divorce, I have been alone (no guy friend) to spend the Christmas holiday with.  I know you are asking “what about EP?” Well EP has to work and being that we are still trying to see if we want a relationship, I am spending Christmas alone once again.

Last year, I had surgery and was recuperating around the Christmas holiday.  All I could do was sit around on my mom’s green recliner with meds and a soft white pillow that helped ease the pain from the stitches, very painful!   There really was not much of anything I could do.   I could not go to Christmas parties or visit family members.  I was stuck at my mom’s house in that chair!!!!  Not to mention I was not in a relationship with anyone so spending quality time with a “love interest” wasn’t in the cards.

04 1 / 2013

EP and I were chatting about what he wanted. He said he would love to come home with me opening the door saying, “Good morning Honey!” and he would reply,  ”Good morning Honeybun!”  Basically he was saying that he would love for us to live together.  So we begin to have a huge discussion about moving!

I asked him would he move to where I am.  He said that he would love to move here but he prefers to stay closer to his daughter.  He then told me that it would be hard for me to move because my children are grounded here.  He said he would prefer me to move there so we could get a place together.